Personalised Care & Support

At NCG, we value people as individuals and recognise the need for flexibility in our services. Our active participation care model engages each individual in the design and delivery of their own care. In other words, we place you at the centre of your support and put you in control of how your support is delivered. Through person-centred planning, we support you to develop new skills and to engage in activities linked to your unique goals and personal aspirations. We are dedicated to supporting your individual development, delivering positive outcomes and promoting independence and choice through our personalised care plans.

Client Engagement

NCG places people at the heart of everything we do. We place an emphasis on your choices and your aspirations as our client. We promote client engagement across all our service areas and empower you to achieve your own personal outcomes, get involved in the management of your service and contribute to the monitoring of your support. NCG provides a supportive environment in which you are listened to and valued, where you can try new things and have more control, and where you can just be you.

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to providing quality in everything we do. We are a BILD registered company and use the highest quality of training to ensure our specialised teams are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver the best possible service nationwide. The quality of  care provided in our services is monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and meets their regulatory standards. And we won’t stop there – we challenge ourselves to improve everything we do and are committed to investing in care technology to further enhance the quality of life for the people we support.

Collaborative Partnerships

NCG bring a local touch to national practice. By working in partnership with local authorities, CCGs, housing associations, charities and regional care providers, we are able to closely align our services with the local community and deliver local care that meets the requirements of those we support. We work hard to build sustainable partnerships with local authorities to help us anticipate people’s needs and deliver innovative solutions. We work with housing associations to provide high quality, affordable and sustainable housing, and collaborate with key stakeholders to create truly bespoke care packages for the people we support.

Working with Families

At NCG, we encourage families to play a vital role in the care of the people we support. We work closely with family members to ensure their relatives are provided with the best possible care and give them peace of mind knowing that their loved one is valued. We believe that relatives are a core part of a strong support network. That’s why we encourage them to get involved in care planning, listen to their needs and concerns, and offer them additional support when it’s needed.

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