NCG provide a secure, friendly and professional service that offers support and advice in arranging and managing your Direct Payment.

Direct Payments are offered by your local authority to give you more control and flexibility over how your care and support is provided. A Direct Payment is paid directly to you so you can purchase your own support and live more independently.

Our wide range of support options include the following:

  1. Information on Direct Payments
  2. Support in the assessment of need
  3. Support with recruiting and maintaining your own Personal Assistants (PAs) – including recruitment advertising, job descriptions, interviewing, contracts of employment and employer’s liability insurance
  4. Support with managing your personal budget
  5. Advice on the responsibilities of being an employer – including access to an employment law service and advice about insurance
  6. Support with paying support providers
  7. Support with setting up and managing a bank account for your Direct Payment
  8. Support with engaging a payroll service
  9. Support with the financial responsibilities of managing your Direct Payment
  10. Support with keeping the necessary records on how you spend your Direct Payment
  11. Support with understanding your responsibility to report your spending to the local authority

If you would like more information on Direct Payments or would like to know more about how we can help, please contact us.

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