NCG works closely with referring commissioners, local authorities and other organisations to ensure the people we support are placed into the service best suited to their needs.

Our referral process is both simple and straightforward. We aim to assess all referrals within three working days and offer accelerated assessments for urgent placements.

For more information on our assessment and admissions process, please click below.


To ensure the service closely meets the needs of the individual, we conduct a pre-admission assessment.

As part of the pre-admission process, NCG review the care history of the individual and assess their current behaviour to help determine their needs. Our team assess the individual’s compatibility with people currently living in the service and their ability to successfully assimilate into the local community. We also assess the routine, relationships and hobbies of the individual in order to facilitate a smooth transition into our care.

We consult with family members, social workers, clinicians, therapists and others involved in the person’s care to help us provide personalised care plans that meet the needs of the individual. Our person-centred approach facilitates the move into more independent living environments and reduces the number of unsuccessful placements.

The pre-admission process helps us to understand the unique requirements of the individual and decide on the appropriate staffing levels for their care. It also highlights the need for any special adaptations to our services. We use this process to work together with the individual to agree care and support objectives, a suitable care pathway, and timescales for discharge where appropriate.

NCG shares the formal assessment report with the referring team.


Our support staff work hard to ensure that the transition to our care is as smooth and straightforward as possible. We slowly introduce the individual to our service – we start by inviting them for lunch, then to join us for a day and finally to stay overnight. The admissions process can take days or months, we leave it up to the individual to decide when they are comfortable. We encourage each individual to lead the way with their admission and work hard to ensure that they are happy, calm and comfortable during the transition.

We provide the people we support with guaranteed continuity of care wherever possible. Our clients are allocated a nursing team who are responsible for ensuring that all care needs are planned for, in addition to a support team who assist with daily tasks such as shopping or attending appointments. The support received is in accordance with the assessed needs of each individual.

On admission, NCG work with the individual, their family, support staff and clinicians to develop a personalised care plan and deliver positive outcomes. These plans are shaped by the individual’s needs, their aspirations, and their routine. All care plans are reviewed at regular intervals and amended where necessary. Further assessments are carried out to monitor the individual’s progress through each stage of their care and to ensure that they are on track to achieve their desired outcomes.

How to contact us:

  1. Contact the relevant service directly – call the care provider or get in touch to arrange a visit with the Registered Manager.
  2. Email us on info@nationalcaregroup.com. Our referral team will provide you with all the information you need or put you in touch with the most relevant service.
  3. Complete a referral enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.
  4. For information on Acquired or Traumatic Brain Injury services, please contact us on 0333 305 1534 or email us at referrals@nationalcaregroup.com
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