NCG support adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions including Asperger syndrome, associated complex needs and/or potentially challenging behaviours. Our specialist services can be provided in your own home, in supported living accommodation and in residential or day services.

NCG’s services provide low arousal environments, specialist support and therapy input to reduce anxiety and help the people we support feel calm. We are fully experienced in delivering services within a total communication environment and supporting alternative forms of communication. We train team members in the use of Pictures, PECS and objects of reference as communication aids.

Our expert support teams understand the challenges our clients face and offer opportunities regardless of how complex or confusing their needs and/or presentation. Our active participation care model and strong focus on positive outcomes encourage the people we support to engage in meaningful activities and contribute to the delivery of their care. We support our clients to get involved in community activities, develop life skills, maintain friendships and access employment and/or education opportunities.

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